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  • Fixed issue with an empty preview showing when you switch between two Markdown files.


  • Added new Markdown Live Preview setting to enable a basic side-by-side preview of your Markdown file beside the file's textarea (off by default).
  • Added new setting to have the Filebar inside the Hamburger menu if you want to mininise the amount of UI in the content area.
  • If you exit the app when you've a file with unsaved changes, then edit the file in another app before re-opening it in Appy Text, the app will realise this and load the most up-to-date version of the file (and not the unsaved version from the app's last session).
  • Titlebar UI tweaks (for Brad Sams).
  • Fixed issue resulting in Recent files sometimes not showing up in list.
  • If you re-arrange tabs, their new positions should now be remembered when you start a new session of the app.
  • Hamburger menu tweaks.
  • Should seem faster.
  • Many other little things.


  • Russian translation improvements.
  • Hopefully all languages are working again on Mobile. Whatever caused it wasn't by me, but more likely occurred during the submission process Store side.


  • Added new "Status Bar" setting (off by default); shows reading time + word count when on.
  • Settings screen refreshed for easier discovery of options.
  • New Help screen added.


  • Added Dutch and Russian.
  • Can now rearrange tabs using drag-and-drop.
  • Read Mode corrected so text is not horizontally aligned centrally (but to the left).
  • Fixed inability to reduce text size via Filebar after you've changed the theme.
  • Hamburger menu tweaks.


  • Added Focus Mode for Premium users only (accessible via the Filebar's File flyout or the Ctrl + Shift + ↑ keyboard shortcut).
  • Added new setting to set location of Filebar: top or bottom (when in non-compact mode).
  • State saving of files between sessions should now work on Mobile too.
  • Changing to French should work again now.
  • Added character count to the Filebar's Edit flyout.
  • Fixed occasionally slight inaccuracy with word count.
  • Added tooltips to Filebar icons.
  • Fixed issues with Read Mode concerning excess padding and non-optimal line height.
  • Fixed bug that would auto-save a file (when auto-saving is on) even if the file has had no changes made to it; this was considered a problem because it misleadingly changes the last modified date for a file.
  • Fixed issue with light and dark themes resulting in the background colour of the textarea getting highlighted when focus wasn't on them and mouse pointer was over it.
  • Fixed inactive titlebar button colours when system is using dark theme.
  • Based on feedback, 'Save' is now duplicated in the Hamburger - doubles up as 'Save As' when file is unsaved.
  • Titlebar appearance tweaks.
  • Stability improvements based on crash reports received.
  • Layout tweaks.


  • Added Polish as new language.
  • Smallest text size that you change to is now 8 pt (was 12 pt previously).
  • To be consistent with other apps, the medium (and larger) live tiles now show the app's name.


  • Fixed auto-saving bug when opening a file it would sometimes be saved empty.
  • Fixed auto-saving bug where the last changes to a file would not be saved when you close the file.
  • Fixed auto-saving bug where an untitled file would not show an asterisk after its filename to indicate its unsaved status.
  • Based on user feedback, increased the maximum text size you can set to 72 pt.


  • Fixed a few German/French language bugs.


  • Fixed issue on certain languages when you press the alt key + a character key (to get a 'special' character) incorrectly resulting in an app keyboard shortcut being invoked simultaneously.


  • Added safety check to greatly reduce, if not entirely fix, the (very) rare occurrence of a file opening with no text showing.


  • Fixed issue with certain files loading with incorrect encoding the first time they're opened (they would open fine the second time).
  • Files with UTF-16LE and UTF-16BE encoding should now save with the same encoding (rather than in UTF-8).


  • Released to the public. Finally.


  • Fixed crash when closing right-click flyout on the filename in the title/tab bars.
  • Fixed issue with Markdown custom stylesheet sometimes either not working or crashing when changed in Settings.
  • Dark theme should be more forgiving on what accent colours it accepts as having enough contrast with to use.
  • Markdown custom stylesheet will not roam between devices as that proved problematic, and the app will no longer mislead users into thinking it has in the Settings.


  • Fixed issue on certain resolutions with the bottom border not showing in the top bar.
  • Fixed issue with the bottom border flashing on the Titlebar when you change the file open.
  • Fixed issue (hopefully) where a new install on a second device shows the welcome screen when you launch it for the first time.


  • If you open a file, don't make any changes and then close, it should no longer auto-save it on closure (even if auto-save is on).


  • When you try to rename a read-only file, you get the save as dialog.
  • Fixed issue where the Titlebar would increase in size when there are no files open.
  • Changed Markdown preview to use the app's accent colour for links by default.
  • Fixed issue where if you save as a read-only file, the lock icon would incorrectly stay.
  • Fixed issue with Filebar's colours being incorrectly white if your default theme is the dark black theme (may have been the case on mobile only).
  • Fixed cut-off with use custom font checkbox on mobile in certain languages.
  • UI optimisations to make the close 'x' button more touch target friendly, as well as the tab counter in compact mode/mobile.
  • The theme/font popups opened via the Filebar on mobile should not be cutoff anymore.


  • Fix to ensure if you're not in English, the app behaves and looks normal when it comes to state saving between sessions. There was an issue at least in German whereby the app would sometimes launch with no tab open, and/or no tab counter because of a not recognised date format.


  • All languages updated.


  • Layout fixes and optimisations for mobile, especially for 4" devices. Includes ensuring text scrolls correctly in landscape mode (and doesn't run behind Filebar).


  • Read mode added for text files which is accessible from the file menu, as well as using the Ctrl + D shortcut. For markdown files, this option will be replaced with a markdown preview option (same shortcut would work for it).
  • Filebar when swiped right/down now has more options: ability to change theme and font settings.
  • Fixed issue where the app would sometimes hang on the Splash screen. My theory is this was happening when the device was resumed after an extended sleep/hibernation. What should be happening now is in a similar scenario, not only should the app not hang but it should actually resume super fast (faster than a cold start-up even).
  • App should now be doing a much better launching in the correct state after a re-install on the same device, or a new install on a new device - that is, know that you're on Premium or on the Premium trial. Might be always but it is hard to know 100% as it isn't straightforward to test every possible scenario - definitely better than previously though.
  • If the app doesn't automatically pick up the Premium (trial) IAP, then if you try to re-purchase it, the error string should suggest restarting the app, and if that doesn't make a difference for the user to contact the developer.
  • Fixed unexpected launch state when you reset the app, even if you had previously gone Premium (trial).
  • Sepia now a Premium theme.
  • When you've a number of tabs open from a previous session, the tab bar should now consistently scroll to the correct tab. Same applies when opening new tabs within a session.
  • Improved target area of tab count on phone and in compact mode.
  • Fixed issue where tab count flyout was empty on phone when no files were open.
  • On phone when in a Markdown preview, the status bar will have the same background as the preview.
  • Fixed top border not showing on phone for the current file tab.
  • When no files open, there will be a right border for the menu/hamburger button.

14/03/2017 (2)

  • Fixed issue where the file menu's text and background colours were sometimes the same.


  • More theme colour tweaks.
  • If you've many tabs open, whenever you open a new file, the tabbar will scroll till the end of the list to the position of the newly created tab.
  • Added swipe gestures on the filebar to allow you to quick switch between files and open app actions/shortcuts without needing to open the hamburger menu (this is targetted for phone users primarily).
  • Touch gestures section added to Settings.


  • Added sepia theme.
  • Tweaks to other themes, especially grey theme so that it's more different to the white theme i.e. less white, more grey.
  • Added accent settings to enable users to decide whether the app should use the system's accent colours or use the app's instead (i.e. something less colourful).
  • Tweaked appearance of the find result match string to better indicate it can be clicked on.
  • Fixed (hopefully) issue where two themes appear to be selected at the same time in Settings.
  • Font in settings now a menu on phone.


  • Fixed (rare) issue where app would crash on start-up.
  • Fixed (rare) issue where app would hang on the splash screen.
  • Fixed (rare) issue causing the file defaulted to appears to be blank when you launch the app.
  • On phone, shortened font names show in Settings to ensure they all appear on one line now.
  • When you purchase an IAP and are returned to the file, app won't have a back button incorrectly active.
  • Added code so that there's a file clean-up occur discreetly in the bakground every week to de;ete any temp files that are no-longer-needed from the app's localstate dir.


  • Start-up fix to ensure you never see the same file appear to have been loaded twice or have an untitled file tab open unnecessarily.
  • Window sizing optimisations to ensure all text is editable regardless of what device/resolution you are on, and how you resize the app's window size.
  • UI optimisations for phone and tablet primarily to allow both to make more use of the space available. Tweaks also done on PC but won't be as noticeable.
  • Status bar on phone will now adjust correctly to the theme selected.
  • Two new themes added: lighter and darker. Former available for all, whereas latter only for Premium users.
  • Light font tweaked.
  • When switching between Find and Find/Replace, if a search was previously started, it is remembered now.
  • Find now needs to be initiated explictly by user (rather than being done automatically after each key press).
  • Better feedback when performing a find/replace.
  • Close + Save now automatically saves the file without prompting user on whether they'd like to keep/discard any unsaved changes.
  • Revert to original, undo and redo should all now work again on phone.
  • Scrollbar increased slightly in width.
  • Recent list should now show more than 2 files in compact mode when no files are open.
  • Compact mode tab counter flyout now includes options to create new files.
  • Filebar no longer disappears when you create a new file and it's the only file open in non-Premium.
  • Scrolling should be smoother.
  • Lots of other UI polish and reliability improvements.


  • Fixed layout issues caused when Find/Replace open on mobile.
  • Improvements made to ensure when launching the app that it doesn't suddenly change from tab bar to title bar when only 1 file is open or vice-versa when more than 1 file is.
  • Fixed issue where text input won't automatically be on the Find textbox when you open it.
  • Fixed rare issue when the tab counter in compact mode wasn't reflecting the actual number of files open.
  • Added option to open a file from the tab counter flyout in compact mode.
  • Extra safety checks inserted to eliminate any possibility of a file being saved incorrectly with no content.
  • And many other fixes, mostly minor, which I lost because the file keeping track of them got incorrectly saved with no content, hence the previous fix.
  • 09/02/2017

    • Start-up optimisations to ensure when no files from a previous session are loaded, text input on the Untitled document is possible quicker. Also, shouldn't now see the tab bar suddenly change to the title bar during loading.


    • Attempted fix to get all languages to work.


    • Fixed occasional start-up crash in tablet mode.
    • Potential fix for incorrect encoding being used when loading files, and for all files being saved in UTF BOM encoding regardless of their original encoding.
    • Fixed issue where file may appear to be empty when loaded.
    • Single line break is now considered a change to the file i.e. asterisk shows to right of file name signifying a change.
    • Filebar doesn't appear incorrectly horizontally when you launch app for first time in non-compact mode window size.
    • Fixed issue where files would sometimes be loaded and appear as though they have unsaved changes even if you've not done anything.
    • If you highlight a line and a proceeding empty line break, and then paste it, it will no longer be pasted in another font.
    • Fixed issue to stop text being emptied when you undo a file that's just been loaded.
    • Fixed issues with filebar showing when it shouldn't and with its icons not resetting their colour when moved away from.
    • Visual improvements to the filebar when it appears above on-screen keyboard.
    • Added new keyboard shortcut to close (ctrl + w), save as (ctrl + alt + s), save all (ctrl + shift + s), change font (ctrl + shift + f), toggle theme (ctrl + shift + t), increase/decrease text size (ctrl + u and ctrl + j). Switching tabs keyboard shortcut also changed to ctrl + q.
    • Small tweak to trial expired screen with addition of sad emoji.
    • Three button row on phone no longer cut-off as supplementary action placed in a sub-menu.
    • When in landscape on phone and you return to portrait will now remember whether to stay in full screen or not depending on what view you were on before you went landscape.
    • Copy to email action no longer adds unnecessary line breaks for a saved file.
    • Untitled file with unsaved changes should be remembered when you open a new session.
    • Dialogs shouldn't have cutoff buttons on mobile when text exceeds a certain amount of characters.
    • When you start a new session of find/replace, textboxes will now be empty.
    • Fixed issue when the window size is small + with a vertical filebar and if you then decreased width of the window, richeditbox will now still be visible in full.
    • "..." used consistently in strings now replacing all occurrences of "..".
    • Fixed issue on mobile where text at the very bottom would sometimes not be visible (or be able to be scrolled down to).
    • Potential fix where filebar is cutoff at the bottom in Continuum when not in full-screen edit mode.
    • (Live tile) icons updated.

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After getting a Zune back in 2007, I started following Microsoft closely to see where next for Metro. Windows Phone happened and I loved it so much I built my first ever app in 2014: Appy Weather, the most personal weather app. Two years later, Appy Text marks my return to Windows development - I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did building it. If you're interested in the thoughts + experiences of an indie dev on the Microsoft platform who cares about the little things, you'll find them at mtrostyle.net (or you can subscribe to its RSS feed). You can catch me on Twitter @mtrostyle.

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