You Can't Judge an E-book by its Cover

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Living in London, I rely heavily on public transport. And if there's one thing London commuters love it's reading (of course when space isn't a constraint). And if there's one thing I enjoy doing (when I'm not reading that is), it's to see what other people are reading. Sometimes the reader and the book seem like an unlikely pairing. Other times they appear to be the perfect match. It can make you question as much as reinforce stereotypes. More interestingly, it can give you a snapshot of popular culture. I remember seeing a lot of this on Tube carriages across the city after November 4, 2008. Or more recently, the latest book being prepared for the big screen. But with the proliferation of E-book devices, I'm being exposed to less and less of this. As much as I love my Paperwhite, being surrounded by plastic/metal black slabs every day does certainly make my commutes less visually stimulating. Oh well. 

Note: the person in the picture is a friend. I thought I should clarify that to anyone worried my curiosity towards commuters' reading habits descends into creepiness causing them to be pictured without their knowledge.