Windows Phone Needs Better Not More Apps

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Woke up to a Twitter timeline polluted by CES tweets. Tried to catch up on the night using Tweetium, what I consider to be the best Twitter app on Windows Phone. But after a few minutes, I gave up on the idea because the experience was so infuriating: Attempts to interact with my timeline, whether to check out a link or reply to a tweet, consistently jumped me to another seemingly random location on my timeline. So I grabbed my Surface Pro 2, launched Chrome and used the Twitter website instead. No problems at all. 

This is what is most wrong with Windows Phone. Forget about the apps unavailable on the platform. Commenting on something that doesn't exist is ultimately a waste of time. No non-Windows Phone developer is going to start giving Windows Phone face when they learn someone with a few Twitter followers has abandoned the platform. Focus on the apps that do exist instead. When you do and compare them to their equivalent on iOS, as I get the chance to through my wife's iPhone, you'll notice that app fluidity and polish in general continues to pale in comparison. 

If this doesn't change, then if/when the missing apps belatedly launch on Windows Phone, you know it won't have ended being worth the wait. I don't want the same apps as on iOS. I do however want the same experiences