When a Phone Becomes a Camera

Thursday, 14 February 2013

With my Lumia 920 AWOL, I've been occasionally using my girlfriend's iPhone 5 to take some pictures when out. It has a great camera. That's for sure. I'm still undecided on whether it shoots superior pictures to the Lumia 920; the winner varies from picture to picture. However, despite its technical excellence, I've not found the physical act of taking pictures with it as satisfying as the Lumia. Why? No dedicated camera button. Touching the screen to snap a picture just feels awkward. And, no, the volume up button is no substitute for a dedicated shutter, because of both its small size and unintuitive location. 

If I ever move away from Windows Phone, I'm confident losing the dedicated shutter button will be in the top three list of things I'll miss about carrying one. And, so now more than two years since Windows Phone 7's release, I'm quite surprised there are not more phones on the market that momentarily make you forget you're holding a phone when taking a picture.