Monday, 7 January 2013

An improvement, however minimal, to any routine operation is always welcome; if it's something you do every day, even if it's a 1% improvement, you will notice/appreciate it. When it comes to a phone's maintenance, there are three activities to consider: charging, syncing, and transferring (files). Windows Phone 8 made significant UX gains when it comes to two: 1) charging (wireless) and 2) transferring files between devices (USB mass storage). On paper, perhaps not the most exciting of features, but in reality both add incredible value to owning a WP8 device. As discussed, wireless charging is awesome. It's no longer a headache to charge my phone, nor a challenge to have it on a full charge when I go out. This has made life easier. But, it could be made even easier. Wireless syncing. It's odd that despite the advancements in wireless technology, I still need a USB cable to sync my Lumia 920. Even the second-generation Zune was more capable over the air. I know there's the cloud, but I don't want all of my photos, music or videos on it. Not when I'm restricted to 25 GB on SkyDrive.

Re-introduce wireless syncing, and maintaining a Lumia becomes a delightful end-to-end experience, with no reminders of the archaic wired past. Not one less cable. No more cables. Please.