Too Many Clicks

Thursday, 3 January 2013

I just had lunch.

It was a pretty heavy meal.

Not feeling very mobile.

So, lying down with my Surface is an enticing prospect.

I was doing some work on it before lunch i.e. it's a laptop with USB mouse + Touch Cover.

USB transceiver removed.

Touch Cover clicked out.

Jump into bed.

Slide up the lock screen.

Tap into the password field to login.

On-screen keyboard doesn't appear.

Force myself up to make what feels like a massive trek, three steps to my desk. Why? So, I can click the Touch Cover back in, only to click it out immediately. But, perhaps, this time a little more gently. And, to avoid needing to make this journey again, I login from a standing position.

I appreciate it may come across as though I'm being too sensitive. After all, we're talking about a few seconds here. But, this now becoming an almost daily occurrence whenever I switch the Surface from laptop to tablet. The seconds add up. And, they start to feel like more.

For what I consider to be a routine operation on the Surface (more so than the iPad), this should be working every time.

A simple two step process. Click out. And go. With confidence.

Not click out. Go away uncertain and not far. Return in frustration. Click in more frustrated. Click out with a sense of déjà vu. Finally, go, not remembering where it was you originally intended to go.