Third Time Lucky?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

I picked up my second replacement (and third in total) Touch Cover around a week ago. To Microsoft's credit, they were extremely quick to deal with the matter unlike last time. It does feel more sturdy than the last two, but I'm not sure if that's because of an increasingly paranoid mind or improved engineering. In any case, I'm not going to treat this one with kid's gloves. Not after Panos Panay had this to say yesterday:

There are basically three states Surface can transition into. In tablet mode the Touch Cover is folded behind the device and automatically turns off (emphasis mine). For typing you can use the kickstand and fold he cover into a keyboard. We designed the Touch Cover to have a keyboard always with you, without taking up extra space. The third mode is watching movies or reading email. On your lap, you can fold the keyboard under the kickstand and create a super stable foot.

I had refrained from using my first replacement Touch Cover in the emphasised tablet mode, as I remembered reading it may have been the cause of the original splitting. The fact it split anyway, supported by Panos' enlightenment, suggest it had nothing to do with it.