The Problem with Launching Metro Apps from the Desktop

Monday, 7 October 2013

When a file is opened from the Windows 8 Desktop and is launched in a Metro app, the Start screen becomes sandwiched between the two. This only becomes apparent when the Metro app is closed by holding the top of the app and dragging it to the bottom of the screen1. Instead of being returned to the Desktop, you're unexpectedly diverted to the Start screen.

A constant and unnecessary reminder that you are switching between two different environments. What's worrying is that even though this behaviour can be corrected easily, Windows 8.1 doesn't address it.

1. I know you don't need to close Metro apps, but I'm still used to closing apps that I've finished using. Furthermore, although keeping a Metro app open in the background may not affect performance, the app when no longer needed can unnecessarily clutter the app or task switcher lists.