Surface RT - Office = ?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Would it?

It's too early to say if the Surface Pro will sell more than the RT, but the signs so far suggest it might. This may not be considered an achievement, but it's a start. In case it needs reminding, the Surface Pro doesn't come with Office, and it still costs $400 more than the RT. What other device doesn't come with Office? The iPad, and that's doing okay. So I question if Surface RT needs  Office to stimulate consumer interest. 

I get why it's there. To compensate for the lack of apps in the Windows Store at launch, Microsoft needed the RT to come with a killer suite of apps i.e. Office. Its USP. But, I wonder if a less premium/more competitive price would have been a better idea. Would smaller margins have resulted in bigger demand? Maybe. Maybe not. But isn't it strange that the Surface that comes with Office is the one described by Panos Panay as being "about entertainment first as a tablet", and not the one for business professionals?