Splitting Up

Monday, 21 January 2013

My Surface RT's Touch Cover split shortly after after receiving it in November. First generation hardware, no big deal - the price paid for being an early adopter. The experience however began to sour after the "Microsoft Surface Customer Care Advocacy Team" (hesitatingly) entered proceedings. They were difficult to reach, and slow to respond. Once I finally had their attention, I expressed concern that the replacement Touch Cover would experience the same fault eventually. Reservations I held for good reason too. Yes, a Microsoft spokesperson at the time did state they "are aware of a small number of instances of material separation". But, that's not the same as attributing the problem to a faulty batch. Additionally, they didn't confidently state the problem had been both identified and addressed. At least not to my knowledge. In any case, the Microsoft Surface Customer Care Advocacy Team's representative assured me the replacement won't split. Although I remained unconvinced, I decided to go against my better judgement and give him the benefit of the doubt. Less than six weeks later, I'm afraid to say I was proved right.

I remember reading, once people first started to notice a splitting, theories suggesting it may have been caused by mechanical stress on the cover. No matter how absurd the insinuation was, not for the first time in this story, I regretfully ignored my better judgement. That is, I went out of my way to relieve my replacement Touch Cover of any unnecessary burden. I decided to only use it as 1) a screen protector when carrying my Surface in a backpack or 2) a keyboard when clicked in. In other words, never bend it back i.e. one of the practical use cases for the kickstand (Surface resting on lap with the kickstand open) sacrificed. Apparently, this precautionary measure makes no difference at all.


What doesn't help matters is the Surface Online Service Center is currently returning a very un-helpful 404.

If your replacement Touch Cover has also split, please email bardi.golriz@outlook.com or @mtrostyle. Maybe I'm alone. I hope so.