Nokia Cares (Where You Bought Your Lumia From)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Kilburn isn't the nicest place in London, and is somewhere I try best to avoid. If I'm there, you bet it's for a good reason. Unfortunately, I had one recently. I was initially planning to send Nokia my faulty Lumia, but plans changed and I decided to drop it off at my nearest Nokia Care store instead. Kilburn.

As you can see, it's no Apple store. Not in terms of size. Nor location. There was no Genius Bar inside, but one staff behind a counter sporting an unfashionable goatee. A reminder of the 90s. Actually the whole shop felt like a throwback to that decade. Maybe it's a combination of the Nokia brand intertwined with the decade where they ruled.

Once my IMEI number was shared, the bad news came. As I purchased the phone in Dubai when on holiday, my 920 is only under warranty in the United Arab Emirates. You may be surprised to read that this was not news to me; the shop assistant where I bought the phone made this clear. Why did I go ahead with the purchase? Let me explain. At the time, I thought the chances something could go wrong in the short to medium-term were slim to non-existant. This is Nokia after all. I also knew there's a strong possibility that I'd have changed to the 920's successor or the Surface phone before the end of 2013 i.e. I'm not going to own it long enough for this detail to matter. Most importantly, it was unlocked and more than £100 less expensive than if bought in the UK. Still, dumb move.

The friendly (and surprisingly knowledgeable for a non-genius) shopkeeper said I could have it fixed in the UK, but it would most likely require a new screen, which would cost more than £100. I was advised that it's best I send it back to Dubai, and have the problem repaired under warranty. Although mailing the phone from London to Dubai isn't inexpensive, it does cost significantly less than £100. And, so, I sent it back . But, just like my Touch Cover, I'm not brimming with confidence that the returned 920 won't freeze on me again. Watch this space.