New Twitter on Windows Phone Thinks Different

Saturday, 2 March 2013

I'm seeing quite a love-in for the new Twitter Windows Phone app. There's one new feature in specific that has got me wondering: 

Streamlined navigation brings you the new Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs (emphasis mine)

It doesn't use the panaroma or pivot navigation paradigms that have become a part of Windows Phone apps' furnishings (first and third party apps that I use anyway). By taking a more platform agnostic approach and seemingly adhering to popular convention, it's actually being unconventional from a Windows Phone (and Metro) perspective. And, I like that. A lot. 

Admittedly, the update may not blend into the core OS as seamlessly as other Windows Phone apps that strictly follow the Metro design language, but this doesn't make it any less intuitive or pretty. On the contrary, it's fast, easy and (most importantly) fresh

I'm not advocating Windows Phone developers to suddenly engage in mass rebellion against Metro. But it would be nice to see them think out of the box a little more. Even if it means to look elsewhere for inspiration. To see if their furniture can be rearranged for a better experience. Or if the whole place needs to knocked down to make room for something new. After all, Metro isn't execution. It's a philosophy

Update: Windows Phone Central forum user Gaichuke made me aware of the following tweet from Windows Phone designer Jon Bell:

That is, new Twitter technically uses a pivot and so I was wrong to say it didn't. I didn't consider it a pivot as I considered the lack of visual cue to suggest a horizontal swipe is supported and the ability to jump to any section as enough practical differences for it to not be a considered a pivot. Apparently not. In any case, I'm happy to lose on semantics because that doesn't really matter. I'm more happy that Jon welcomed the evolution of the pivot, which is essentially what I was asking for originally. Developers to challenge misconceptions.