Microsoft's Plan B for Windows 8 is Windows 7

Friday, 19 April 2013

If settings to disable Windows 8-style multi-tasking and to enable booting straight into Desktop wasn't evidence enough, then re-introducing the Start menu must be. Charles Arthur of the Guardian reports on comments made by Microsoft's chief financial offer, Peter Klein, to investors and analysts on a conference call on Thursday:

Klein also hinted that an upcoming revision to Windows 8, codenamed "Blue" and due this year, will reinstate the "Start" button that has been familiar to Windows users since 1995. The changes will be partly due to "customer feedback", Klein said.

When efforts for Blue should concentrate on a deeper and more meaningful integration between the Metro and Desktop environments, Microsoft are in fact doing the opposite. Making an already disjointed experience further disintegrated.  Windows 8 had one eye fixated on the future. Blue, on the other hand, appears to have both concentrated on the past.