I Pulled for the First Time in Two Years Thanks to New Twitter

Saturday, 2 March 2013

I've just realised new Twitter is the first time I could pull-to-refresh on a Windows Phone app. Considering I've been a Windows Phone user since December 2010, it's puzzling that it's taken this long for an app to implement what's now a pretty common gesture on other platforms. The wait could be explained by of one of two reasons. Either I don't download too many apps i.e. there have been apps before new Twitter that support this gesture, which I was not aware of. Not unlikely and I hope this is why. Or, more worryingly, developers are not thinking different.

Update: The Verge forum user mgk69 reminded me of Twitter's patent application for pull-to-refresh as the possible reason why other apps on Windows Phone have hesitated from using this gesture. This doesn't wash with me because it was just an application that doesn't appear to have been granted yet. Moreover, since the application was made, UIRefreshControl was introduced in iOS 6's SDK. And high profile apps were supporting the gesture before the patent application and continued to do so after. Finally, another Verge user mleone47 let me know that Fancy on Windows Phone has supported pull-to-refresh ever since it was released; the date of its first user review suggest this was mid-July 2012.

Update 2: @Andersson shared this Loren Brichter April 2012 tweet. Of course, for those not in the know, Loren invented pull-to-refresh in Tweetie, which was acquired by Twitter back in 2010.

You can read more at http://blog.twitter.com/2012/04/introducing-innovators-patent-agreement.html