Joe Cieplinski, writing on improvements coming to the App Store later this year:

Apple has been known from time to time to put one or two people on important projects and expect too much from them. From what I’ve heard from little birdies around WWDC this week, App Store Editorial is getting resourced appropriately for this new increase in curated content. They are committed to it.

What this means is that there will be many more features than ever before, not fewer. And people will have more incentive to visit daily and take a look at each feature.

And it’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily need to be a giant company with insider access to get featured (though I’m sure that doesn’t hurt). Visit and tell Apple your story. Impress the editorial staff, and you have a decent shot at getting into one of these features.

Time to hone those sales pitch skills, indies.

User interface changes coming in the Fall to the Windows Store may make it easier to use, but it's the entire user experience that's in need of a refresh i.e. move away from a directory of apps reminiscent of Yahoo! in the 90s to something more thoughtfully put together that doesn't make customers feel like they're shopping in a bargain basement. They could follow the example set by the Windows Insider program: have a team of familiar faces regularly updating customers on the Store latest and working closely with developers in helping them succeed.

Sunday, June 11 - 8:23 pm


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