Zac Bowden, writing for Windows Central:

The new Surface Pro's slogan is essentially the reverse of what the Surface Pro 4 slogan was. Now Microsoft is calling the Surface Pro a "versatile laptop," which insinuates that it's a laptop first and foremost. The Surface Pro is a tablet before anything else, so that's what Microsoft should call.

I've mixed opinions. Considering the fact you need to purchase a keyboard separately, it's difficult to label the Surface Pro a laptop first. But the Surface Pro works best with a keyboard (because of Windows 10). If/when that changes, you can call it a tablet again. In the meanwhile, Zac points out that this change does muddy the product line-up:

Microsoft offers a tablet, a laptop, a 2-in-1 PC and a desktop in its Surface lineup, not three laptops and a desktop. Why offer general consumers the choice between three very different and distinct laptops? That just confuses the problem altogether.

If I worked at a Microsoft Store, I'd present the three laptops as a choice between versatility, convention and power. More interestingly, there's now no touch-first device in the Surface line-up. And, so, maybe there's more to this change than is apparent with marketing intentionally making room for whatever is coming next.

Wednesday, June 7 - 9:37 pm


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