Brad Sams on this week's The Sams Report speculating on a new ARM prototype mobile-like device floating around Microsoft right now:

The following makes sense but is uninteresting:

1) it runs on ARM.

2) it won't be cheap.

Next, this also makes sense but is interesting:

3) it aims to re-engage OEMs with Microsoft's mobile play by creating a new device category similar to what the original Surface accomplished with 2-in-1's.

Finally, this makes no sense but is helluva interesting:

4) Alex Kipman is working on the display. That is HoloLens' inventor. Also the guy who recently claimed the phone is dead.

The last point does however make a lot of sense when you pair it with 3). This device will be less Surface Phone, more HoloLens Mobile. I still have concerns that however interesting the hardware may end up being, software may make it DOA. I would hold off until Windows is Fluent, Store has serious traction, and Edge is as good as Chrome.


Update: speaking of an expensive mobile device with a holographic display coming out in 2018.

Saturday, July 8 - 11:08 am


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