Paul Thurrott reporting on the most recent Surface Pro reliability problem:

It looks like Microsoft has a new Surface reliability problem on its hands: According to hundreds of customers in its support forums, the new Surface Pro spontaneously shuts down, even when the device is in use.


So I’m going to guess that this problem doesn’t impact all Surface Pros. But then that’s what makes reliability issues like this so painful: You never know what you’re going to get. With the infamous Skylake-based problems in Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, one’s results were equally sporadic, with some people having nothing but problems and others reporting problem-free usage. (I had issues with all three Surface Books I tested, but my Surface Pro 4 never had any issues.)

Microsoft are no longer new to hardware. This is their fifth Surface Pro. This shouldn't be happening. My Surface Pro 4 was unreliable for many months. Although it took them a while, Microsoft eventually fixed the problem and to their credit have continued to support the device with regular updates even though it's approaching two years old. But they shouldn't need to. It should just work out of the box.

Saturday, July 8 - 12:16 am


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