Brad Sams on last week's The Sams Report commenting on the furore surrounding the iOS 11 announcement that drag and drop support is coming:

Brad is mixing up Win32 and UWP. For example, Appy Text doesn't support drag and drop because UWP dictates any file dropped into an app is constrained with a read-only permission. I decided if I went ahead and included support anyway that it's more likely to annoy and/or confuse the user than leaving it out completely.1 There's 36 votes since 2015 on UWP's UserVoice for this to change.2 As for dragging text from one app and dropping it in Appy Text, this, as far as I'm aware, isn't supported by UWP at all. But this doesn't appear to be universally supported between Win32 apps either. This may be an area that iOS actually leads the way in how naturally apps talk to each other with (I bet) little-to-no effort from devs to open up their apps. So, yes Brad, the hype is real.

More broadly speaking, the bigger mix-up seems to happen when iOS is compared to Windows and UWP seems to be conveniently sidelined with priority placed on the strength of Win32's legacy to help one-up iOS. The ability for Win32 apps to now run on ARM may mean UWP's need to be independent has been pushed back but its college years are inevitable. Remember, Windows Phone being two-something years late to the mobile story meant it never had a (fair) chance of competing. UWP has even more catching up to do considering iOS has way, way more than two years on it and, judging by WWDC 2017, won't be slowing down any time soon to make this a fair contest.

Sunday, June 11 - 3:37 pm


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