Brad Sams, reporting for Thurrott on UI changes expected to Cortana on Windows:

Cortana, like its original mockups, is currently being tested living inside the system tray. The company is placing it near the clock and action center icons and is also introducing a new UI that is conversation-like, according to sources familiar with the product.

I've been a Windows 10 user for two years, and I've never used Cortana for a non-local search orientated task i.e. never used Cortana in non-Microsoft non-la-la-land. Although it does make more sense for it to be moved to system tray and for it to change to a conversational interface, I don't see either move as making a difference. Not to me anyway. It will still be a click away, and if I've any query I'm still more likely to use the browser which I've got open all the time (and Google more specifically). What might make a difference is if Cortana was deeply integrated into either Start and/or the Desktop. Think a Live Tile for your digital-self. The beauty of Live Tiles was that you would passively extract information from them whenever you passed through Start i.e. all the time. Something similar that aggregates everything that matters to you without needing to prompt your assistant is something I'm less likely to ignore.

Saturday, June 10 - 1:38 pm


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