Speaking of value for money, John Gruber recently caused a stir by stating he hopes Apple's next hero iPhone is priced at $1,500 or higher because:

I’d like to see what Apple can do in a phone with a higher price.

His follow-up helped clarify his position and makes a highly reasonable business case for Apple to pursue this aggresive price point. What John's proposing may actually be Microsoft's strategy too.

Let's face it. Smartphones have got boring. I say that in the best possible way. For things to get interesting again, it makes sense to remove the one factor stopping innovation: price.

I'm not a cheapskate. Value for money is however always a consideration when I'm buying anything. That's why I'm not buying the new Surface Pro. That's why I did buy the OnePlus 5. Although a $1,500 iPhone is not something that interests me as a consumer, the tech enthusiast thinks it's necessary.

Sunday, July 9 - 8:21 pm


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