Windows Central:

Got a new Windows phone this holiday? We've got you covered on the set up and out of box process!

Or keep it in the box and return it.


Looking for the best gifts for the best people in your life? We can help! We've spent the year testing a lot of great (and some not-so-great) products to figure out our absolute favorite tech of 2016. And we've brought it all here, together, in one easy wish list, just for you!

I visit Windows Central almost every day. I understand that being a fan site means there's less objectivity involved in their reporting as their reader's personal preferences take priority. However, I really don't get how there's three Windows phones on their 2016 holiday gift guide. At the top too! If you're looking for a new phone these holidays, look elsewhere. I switched this time last year, and I felt pretty stupid for having waited so long to do so. Don't be stupid.


One of my goals in 2016 was to write more on here. That hasn't worked out, mainly because the CMS which I had custom-built many years ago has been showing its age. I did briefly contemplate addressing its shortcomings, but quickly came to my senses and decided to look elsewhere for third-party alternatives. The one I went with significantly reduces the friction in publishing because every blog post is just a Markdown file. Great, but where do I write? Although there's a undoubted charm to Notepad's simplicity, it still thinks it's 1995. And as far as Markdown editors go, MarkdownPad seemed like the best choice, but I didn't consider writing to be its primary use-case. So I decided to build something myself. This was supposed to be a side-project to be completed over a weekend in between Appy Weather 2 work. A text editor - how much work could that be? Can't be much? Wrong, well, if you're me at least and don't settle for "good enough". It's been over 3 months now, and it's still not quite ready. But it's getting there. If you're interested in getting early access, please check out


As part of the infrastructure change, the RSS feed will now only be listing (new) posts made using the updated system. You can head over to the Archive for older posts.